Researchers have suggested a possible link between feeling younger and healthier

محققان از ارتباط احتمالی بین احساس جوان بودن و سلامتی خبر می‌دهند

A study by German researchers shows that feeling young and not believing in chronological age can play an effective role in reducing stress in the elderly and helping their health.

You may have heard it said that age is just a number. According to preliminary results from a study on the elderly, people who are mentally younger they know And they feel that they are still young, less prone to various diseases and hospitalization than their other peers who mentally think they are old and aged.

In the study, published in the journal Psychology and Aging, German researchers looked at statistical data from 5039 participants aged 40 and over over three years. In this study, various questions were asked of the participants. For example, they were asked to answer questions about the amount of stress and tension in life. Among the questions asked were volunteers about how much time they spent walking, bathing and even getting dressed.

The researchers found that, on average, volunteers who reported more stress in their lives were 5 times healthier. In fact, there was a close relationship between stress reduction and their health.

On the other hand, the results showed that volunteers who felt younger than their chronological age experienced less stress, which made them healthier than their peers.

According to researchers, the results show that feeling young in people can reduce the damage caused by stress and help the health of the elderly. However, researchers believe that this study needs further investigation. Positive thinking and having positive views helps people not to feel old and aged. This feeling must be inner and real.

People who do not care about calendar age feel more productive and younger, and this makes them healthier than their peers.

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