Researchers in a new study show the effects of prolonged presence in the metastasis

محققان در مطالعه جدیدی عوارض حضور طولانی مدت در متاورس را نشان می‌دهند

In a new study conducted by scientists at various universities, including Cambridge and Coburg, Germany, 18 university employees were asked to work for a week in متاورس Do. Researchers have reported some side effects of long-term exposure to virtual environments, such as eye strain and reduced productivity.

According to available reportsThe researchers asked participants, all of whom were university staff or researchers, to spend all five working days a week, including eight hours a day, in virtual reality offices. Also, they were not given specific tasks and could perform their tasks in a controlled manner, but the equipment used in the experiment was the same.

After a short time, two participants withdrew from the test due to nausea and headache, apparently due to the heavy weight of the Oculus Quest 2 headset. From nausea It is mentioned as one of the main effects of virtual reality.

The effect of Metavars on productivity and quality of life

Others did all the activities for the requested week, but some reported negative consequences. Compared to the physical work environment, participants averaged a 42% increase in level Disappointment And a 48% increase eye’s pain Have reported.

Participants also to Efficiency They have mentioned less in their works. For example, it is noted that in virtual environments, taking notes is very difficult. However, they claim that in the future they can do something in virtual reality.

In another part of the report, it is stated that with the advancement of technology, many problems of using this technology will probably be solved and human beings will cope with the pressures related to their eyes.


Metavars in its simplest form can be described as the physical version of the Internet, which has been known since the change of the name of Facebook to Meta in 2021. According to this concept, users interact with each other through avatars and virtual reality technology.

The researchers used the experiment, the results of which were presented in an article entitled “Measuring the Impact of Working with Virtual Reality for a Week,” to try to identify the effects of working with virtual reality for long periods of time, as well as with real-world environments. Compare physically.

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