Researchers: Pollution has killed 9 million people worldwide in just one year

محققان: آلودگی تنها در یکسال جان 9 میلیون نفر را در جهان گرفته است

A new study, recently published, estimates that pollution in the world per year 2019 Leading to premature death 9 million people has been. This statistic is not much different from recent years, because researchers say no attempt has been made to reduce the harmful effects of this deadly agent.

A study whose results were recently published in the journal Lancet Planetary Health Published, updates the report of the Lancet Pollution and Health Commission in 2017. Using data from the Global Burden of Disease Survey, the report was able to estimate that year 2015 About 9 million people They died prematurely. This new study now calculates not only pollution-related deaths in 2019, but also deaths from various forms of pollution in The last 20 years Has tracked.

Researchers say humans have been around since the beginning of the year 2000 Due to health advances, fewer people have died from traditional pollution such as unhealthy water or indoor air pollution. But this progress has been almost completely offset by an increase in deaths from industrial pollution. log in Industrial pollution To air in 2019 alone 4.5 million victims had. That figure was about $ 2.9 million in 2000.

Pollution losses are not the same everywhere

The number of victims of air pollution in 2019 in total exceeded 6 million people have been. Also, this year in total 9 million people They lost their lives due to pollution. However, the distribution rate of these casualties around the world has not been the same and more than 90% These statistics occur only in countries that Low to medium income have.

Researchers say the effects of this problem can be seen in other areas as well. The economic costs of these losses in 2019 are approx $ 4.6 trillion Or equivalent to 6.2 percent of the world’s economic revenue that year. Pollution also affects the lives of other organisms and makes them endangered.

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