Researchers report a possible effect of diet on the deterioration of coronary heart disease

محققان از تاثیر احتمالی رژیم غذایی روی وخامت وضع مبتلایان به کرونا خبر می‌دهند

Although we know that some conditions, such as obesity and type 2 diabetes, can make coronary heart disease worse, the effect of diet on such a condition is not clear to us. Now New research Researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital show that people are at a lower risk of worsening their condition if they follow a healthy plant-based diet. The benefits of diet for Covid-19 seem to have a significant bearing on the socioeconomic status of individuals.

In this study, approximately 593 thousand people in the United Kingdom and the United States with applications on their mobile phones in the period from April 26 to December 3, 2016 were surveyed. At first, people in this app answered questions about their eating habits before the epidemic. The quality of their diet was ranked based on the amount of plants such as fruits and vegetables used.

During this time, about 32,000 people became infected with the disease. People in the upper quartile of the food health chart had a 9 percent lower risk than those in the lower quartile, and about 41 percent had milder side effects when they had Covid-19.

While the importance of vaccination and masking in public can not be underestimated, this study found that people can reduce their risk of developing the disease with a healthier diet. In addition, it was found that people with lower incomes could not pay much attention to the health of their diet.

The researchers found that there was an increasing association between an unhealthy diet and increased socioeconomic deprivation with the risk of Covid-19. It was also found that the risk of developing this disease is much higher despite these two factors together.

The model used in this study shows that if one of these two factors was not deprivation or an unhealthy diet, the incidence of Covid-19 would be reduced by almost a third. The researchers say the results of this study are a warning to governments to prioritize a healthy diet and citizens’ health, otherwise decades of economic growth will be jeopardized and health inequalities in society will increase significantly.

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