Researchers report the detrimental effect of being overweight on Alzheimer’s

Researchers report the detrimental effect of being overweight on Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s is a major concern among people, a disease that can have a devastating effect on a person’s life. Due to the increase in the average age in the world, the number of people with this disease is expected to grow significantly in the future. Lifestyle changes can help reduce the severity of the disease, one of which is weight loss and prevention of obesity.

Although previous studies have pointed to the positive effect of lifestyle changes in slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s, they do not introduce a specific factor. In fact, a set of tasks can slow the progression of the disease. But now New research The University of Sheffield shows that obesity has a significant effect on the rate of disease progression.

The new study includes brain scans of 68 patients with mild cognitive impairment and 47 with Alzheimer’s. In addition, brain scans of 57 healthy people were examined. The researchers analyzed the scans to obtain information about cerebral blood flow, white matter integrity and gray matter volume.

By analyzing the scans, the researchers found an association between the volume of gray matter in the right temporal lobe of the brain and obesity. As body fat increases, adults with mild as well as healthy cognitive impairments are more prone to neurological vulnerability.

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Obesity can make Alzheimer’s disease worse and worse, although researchers do not believe that obesity is the cause of the disease. Ultimately, this study shows that being overweight or obese puts more strain on the brain and can worsen a patient’s condition. However, according to the lead author of a recent article, Analna Venieri, weight loss in old age is not enough to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s:

“Diseases like Alzheimer’s, which cause dementia, lurk for several years, so weight loss is late in the 60s. We need to think about brain health and prevention of such diseases much earlier than 60 years old. “That is why it is so important to educate children and adolescents about the fact that obesity causes severe symptoms of some diseases.”

Based on this finding, researchers are expected to do more research on the link between obesity and Alzheimer’s in the future.

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