Researchers use a new technology and resin to print objects in 3D in a matter of seconds

پژوهشگران با یک فناوری جدید و رزین، اشیاء را در چند ثانیه پرینت سه بعدی می‌کنند

Engineers of the’s School of Engineering’s Federal Polytechnic Lausanne (EPFL), 3D printer They have created a new one that can make objects almost immediately Matte resin Make. They claim that one of fastest They have developed the world of 3D printing methods.

“Christoph Moser”, a professor at the university in Statement Explains that in this method, the resin is first poured into a container and then rotated. Then, light is shone on the container from different angles, which causes the resin to harden and solidify. According to him, this method is very accurate and can be used to produce objects with a resolution as good as existing 3D printing techniques.

This new technique can be used to make almost any object. To prove this and the speed of this method, engineers have produced a small sculpture of Yoda in just 20 seconds (pictured above). In conventional processes, making this small piece can take up to 10 minutes.

How the new 3D printing technique works

The plastic used in this new printer is a combination Sensitive to light Formed and in interaction with light, it can solidify the resin very quickly. Antoine Boniface, a postdoctoral fellow at the university, explains:

“Our method will only work if the light passes through the resin in a straight line without deflection. “So far we have done our experiments with clear resins, but this time we wanted to find out if it is possible to print objects with opaque resins that are used in the biomedical industry.”

3D printing

However, the scientists’ new approach is not without its challenges, as light does not diffuse slowly into the resin, making it difficult to concentrate enough energy to solidify the material.

The researchers also explain that using opaque resin loses a lot of sharpness of the printed object. For this reason, by designing computer calculations, they have programmed their printer to print objects with the same precision as a transparent resin. This new method can be used to produce biological materials such as blood vessels and other useful artificial organs of the body.

Engineers are now trying to use several materials at the same time in their approach and increase its resolution from one tenth of a millimeter to one micrometer.

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