Results of a research: The smartphone sends your information to the manufacturer every 4.5 minutes

Results of a research: The smartphone sends your information to the manufacturer every 4.5 minutes

On average, Android phones and iPhones share a lot of data with their respective companies every 4.5 minutes, according to a new study; Even if the phone is in your pocket or handbag.

This has worried researchers at the University of Trinity Dublin. They They believe In terms of data collection, there is little difference between Apple and Google, and thus iPhones are not in a better position in terms of privacy than Android-based gadgets.

Of course, if we want to compare in terms of the volume of data sent, we must say that Google sends a much higher volume to its servers in this regard. Pixel phones send one megabyte of data in idle mode for a period of 12 hours, while on iPhones this number is only 52 KB. The data sent by the handsets included the hardware serial number, IMEI code, Wi-Fi network MAC card address and individual phone number. Professor Doug Leith, who published the study, said:

“I think most people agree with Apple and Google collecting data from phones to provide services like iCloud or Google Drive. But when we use the phone only as a phone (to just call or answer calls), it becomes more difficult to understand why Apple and Google need to collect data. “However, we find that Apple and Google collect a lot of information in exactly this situation, which seems excessive.”

According to him, the fact that Apple collects a lot of information is disappointing; Especially when we remember that the company has talked a lot about user privacy in the past. Light believes that these devices not only gather information about activities but also seek to find other handsets around us. In fact, when a user connects to a Wi-Fi network, information about the MAC addresses of the Wi-Fi network associated with other network-connected devices, such as a router in a coffee shop, is also sent to Apple. This way, Apple will probably be able to find out the location and time of other users near you. Professor Leit also says that users have no way to stop sending this information.

Google has responded to the investigation, but Apple has not yet responded. According to a Google spokesperson, this research shows how smartphones work. According to him, modern cars regularly send basic information about car parts, safety status and service schedule to the carmaker. Smartphones do the same. He believes this will help ensure that iOS and Android are updated and make the devices safe and efficient.

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