Results of a study: Those who believe in astrology are more narcissistic and less intelligent

نتایج یک تحقیق: کسانی که به طالع‌بینی اعتقاد دارند خودشیفته‌تر و کم‌هوش‌تر هستند

Recently, three psychologists from Lund University found in online questionnaires that those who believe in astrology have lower intelligence than usual and are more narcissistic. In an article in the journal Personality and Individual Differences Released, The researchers said of their study.

In recent decades, researchers have occasionally tested astronomy to show that the motion of stars and their relative position to Earth have no effect on human behavior and life. To date, all astronomers and other scientists have shown that astrology is nothing but superstition and there is no evidence that it works in life. However, millions of people around the world believe in astrology and consider it a true science.

In this new study, researchers showed that in recent years, the belief in astrology has become more widespread among people, one of the reasons for which can be daily stress such as the prevalence of coronary heart disease in the world.

The symbol of the months in astrology

Eventually they decided to study these people and find common moral characteristics among them. The researchers created an online questionnaire to find out their personality traits, and finally, these questions are summarized in the article «Evaluation of belief in astrologyIt was published in 2006.

In addition, the researchers took a short IQ test, and finally, 264 adults answered the questionnaire via Facebook. They found that those who believed in the power of astrology in life scored higher on questions that showed narcissism and, on the other hand, scored lower on the IQ test.

The researchers found that those who believed in astrology were more self-centered and had lower intelligence than the average person. In addition, the test found that those with higher IQ scores were less likely to believe in astrology.

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