Revealing details of multiple Intel product introductions in early 2023

Revealing details of multiple Intel product introductions in early 2023

Recently according to Report Twitter account leaf hobby has released details about the fourth generation of Intel Sapphire Rapids server processors and this company is going to unveil its many products in this series at CES 2023.

It’s no secret that Intel and AMD are gearing up for a big event in January, and both companies have always targeted January for the launch of their workstation and notebook CPUs. Intel is also going to introduce the new Raptor Lake H/HX/P and U series products, and in addition, the company will also introduce its Alder Lake-N processors with special E-core cores.

It is estimated that Intel will introduce a new update to its 13th generation 65W Core non-K desktop products at this year’s CES. The unveiling of the new H770 and B760 series motherboards is one of Intel’s possible plans at CES. According to the published list, the high-end gaming and advanced Raptor Lake-H/HX series processors are scheduled to be released on January 3, while the low-power P and U series processors are likely to be available in late January or March. .

Intel Sapphire Rapids processor

Intel has already confirmed that the highly anticipated Sapphire Rapids series of processors will be introduced in the coming weeks, and the company has even confirmed the launch of these products in January.

However, it seems that the full launch of this series of Sapphire Rapids-SP server processors will be announced at the same time that Intel’s high-end desktop products will be unveiled, which will cover the time frame between February and April.

Intel will also introduce a new version of its high-end gaming processor, the Core i9-13900KS 6 GHz, which is also expected to be introduced in the first quarter of 2023.

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