Revealing new details of the Galaxy S22 family: Ultra model display brightness breaks record

رندرهای گلکسی S22 اولترا با طراحی متفاوت دوربین و جایگاه مخصوص S Pen منتشر شد

It seems that not only does Samsung want to come up with a new design for the next generation of Galaxy S series handsets, but these products are coming with significant improvements. The display of the most powerful member of this family, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, is expected to have a brightness of 1800 nits, which is a record.

website “TechManiacsHaving previously published accurate information about Samsung products, it has now gone to the next Korean flagships and made some of their information available to those interested.

Previous reports indicate that Samsung is using a 6.8-inch display with 1440p resolution, Snapdragon 898 chip and Exynos 2200, 108-megapixel main camera and 5000 mAh battery for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, but there was no specific information about the display and camera capabilities. , A topic covered by a recent report.

According to the report, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have the brightest display in the mobile world and its maximum brightness will reach 1800 nits. It is likely that the user will achieve such brightness in auto brightness mode and HDR‌ content. For comparison, we can refer to the maximum brightness of 1500 nits of Galaxy S21 Ultra and 1200 nits of iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Render of Galaxy S22 Ultra

The Galaxy S22 Ultra will support 45-watt fast-charging technology, so its 5,000mAh battery will probably be fully charged in less than an hour. So the Koreans can compete well with their Chinese rivals in terms of charging speed.

For the camera of this smartphone, Samsung is moving to a new generation of 108 megapixel sensor, which will have a wider aperture and will be equipped with a brighter lens. The camera is expected to improve its shake-off performance over the previous generation, with a 48% reduction in shake compared to the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

We do not know at this time what technology the Koreans will achieve with this stabilization, we may encounter a technology similar to the shift sensor of the iPhone 13 series phones in the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The main camera of this device will have a P-shaped design that we have seen in the renderings and replicas of this Samsung phone.

1633885132 97 Revealing new details of the Galaxy S22 family Ultra model Revealing new details of the Galaxy S22 family: Ultra model display brightness breaks record 2
Render of Galaxy S22 Plus

Leaving aside the Galaxy S22 Ultra, we come to the standard and plus version of this family. It seems that the Plus model will also support 45 watt charge. These products are also available in versions equipped with Exynos 2200 and Snapdragon 898.

In the end, Samsung does not seem to be changing the pricing of these products, and we will probably have to wait for the $ 1,200 price for the ultra term.

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