Revealing the RTX 4070 GB configuration and the possibility of its release in 10 and 16 GB models

Revealing the RTX 4070 GB configuration and the possibility of its release in 10 and 16 GB models

According to the unofficial information provided, Gigabyte seems to be considering Three versions of the RTX 4070 graphics card make it available with different memory configurations of 10GB, 12GB and 16GB in the near future. These GPUs, which have not yet been officially released and introduced by the manufacturer, are expected to be offered for sale in the market in the coming weeks.

According to the information provided, Gigabyte will offer 3 different configurations for this graphics card model. However, it has been said that this list will probably not include the final products and there is an expectation that the release of RTX 4070 12GB will be canceled. Unofficial information was reported to have been seen in a game bundle and its date also dates back to last month.

In this regard, some have suggested that there will be changes in this list in the coming weeks. However, it can be confirmed that GIGABYTE has decided to introduce and release RTX 4070 desktop graphics cards, and there will probably be a lot of news about these GPUs in the coming weeks.

RTX 4070 GB configuration

The latest information regarding the RTX 4070 GB card informs that the manufacturer uses a 12GB GDDR6X memory configuration with support for a 192-bit memory bus. This is the same configuration seen in the RTX 4070 Ti version.

In this regard, it has been said that Nvidia is planning different versions for this model based on the PG141 board, and there is a possibility that the information provided for the Gigabyte card is based on these versions, many of which are already for final development by Nvidia. are out of order.

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