Reverting from Windows 11 to Windows 10 is possible in a limited time

بازگشت از ویندوز ۱۱ به ویندوز ۱۰ در یک بازه زمانی محدود امکان‌پذیر است

Windows 11 was officially introduced by Microsoft a few weeks ago, and many users have installed the beta version. But now it seems that the way to return to Windows 10 is very limited for these people and they only have a certain amount of time to return to the previous version while maintaining their information.

Windows 11 is one of the most attractive Microsoft operating systems with many security features. This version with the help of TPM chip, which is a prerequisite for this operating system, ensures a high level of user safety. Fortunately, Microsoft does not impose this version on users like Windows 10. This means that if a user uses Windows 11 and wants to go back to the previous version, Microsoft will allow them to do so. Provided But there is an important condition.

Support for Windows 10 will continue for another 4 years, so there is no problem with that, but Microsoft has explained that a return to Windows 10 from Windows 11 can only be done in a 10-day time frame. The company explains in the FAQ section of its website:

“Once you have installed the Windows 11 upgrade, there is a 10-day interval that allows you to return to Windows 10 while keeping the files and data you brought with you. “But after the tenth day, to return to the previous version, you have to back up your data and install Windows 10 as a Clean Install.”

So if you have Windows 11 installed on your device and you do not know whether you want to stay on this version or not, it is better to decide sooner. If 10 days have elapsed since the installation of Windows 11, reinstalling Windows 10 will require clearing all the data on the Windows drive, and this information cannot be easily transferred to the previous version. But if you are still in this 10-day window, you can easily go back to Windows 10 and keep all your settings and configurations.

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