Review of artificial intelligence laws in the European Union and the possibility of restrictions on ChatGPT

Review of artificial intelligence laws in the European Union and the possibility of restrictions on ChatGPT

The Commissioner of the Internal Market of the European Union recently of the possibility Approval of new laws for artificial intelligence reported and it is possible that the possible decision of this union will affect the use of ChatGPT. The possible action of this institution is mentioned in order to assure people to use advanced artificial intelligence.

Breton Thierry, the commissioner of this union, thinks that artificial intelligence systems need regulation and global standardization is also proposed in this regard. This is what this organization is discussing in Brussels. Burton went on to say that the European Union will now work with the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament to further clarify rules and regulations related to artificial intelligence.

He further stated that people should be informed that they are dealing with a robot and not a human being, and transparency in this regard is necessary to prevent false information and prejudice. The European Union has been working on new rules and regulations for artificial intelligence for a long time, and the main goal in this regard is to balance the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence in relation to the basic rights of humans and their privacy.

European Union ChatGPT

However, the EU’s task is not easy, and possible rules should cover a wide range of AI-based applications. In addition, due to the rapid and annual developments in this field, updating and adapting the rules will be another possible problem.

However, the European Union does not have the power to block ChatGPT, and due to the popularity of this platform, doing so would not be politically convenient for the EU representatives. The complete blocking of ChatGPT is also not found in the laws and regulations of the European Union, while some laws related to privacy and the use of personal data of users may include ChatGPT in the future.

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