RGB light controller functionality test for PC peripherals in Windows 11 by Microsoft

RGB light controller functionality test for PC peripherals in Windows 11 by Microsoft

A Twitter user recently reported that in the preview version Windows 11 new lighting customization feature (RGB-lighting) in Windows and in this regard, it is expected that Microsoft will finally provide software solutions based on Windows itself to manage RGB lighting.

The screenshots published in this regard show that the feature has a list of all peripheral hardware that supports RGB, and this even includes the mouse, headset and Stream Deck. In this regard, it has been said that each device can be adjusted for light effects, brightness, speed and color.

Microsoft has also implemented an option to match the color scheme of PC accessories with the Windows color theme itself. However, this list only includes PC peripherals at the moment, so it’s not clear whether Windows will allow custom lighting for graphics cards or motherboards, but lighting control support for mainstream PC hardware could come later. final be available.

Third-party software for controlling lighting and personalizing the appearance of parts can usually be considered undesirable for users due to the consumption of system resources and the extent of their installation for each part. will bring

Windows 11 RGB-lighting

Microsoft has not yet made any official announcement regarding the release of RGB-lighting in the Windows 11 control panel, and in this regard, the features that are available in the preview version are not always presented in the final version.

Therefore, there is still no guarantee that this feature will be released in Windows, but due to its practicality, the possibility of its release can be considered very high. Microsoft is also going to release an updated file explorer that includes integrated features for managing OneDrive, email and Microsoft 365 before the end of this year, and RGB-lighting may be possible in this update. .

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