Rich people could soon travel into space with giant Space Perspective balloons

ثروتمندان به‌زودی می‌توانند با بالون‌های غول‌پیکر Space Perspective به فضا سفر کنند

It was announced last year that the American company Space Perspective intends to attract tourists with Hydrogen balloons Send yourself a very large space trip. Coinciding with the significant growth of the space tourism industry, the company hopes for years 2024 Start services and now showcases the interior and cabin of the balloons.

According to the pictures and drawings so far by Space Perspective The company’s balloons have large and tall windows, comfortable chairs, different purple colors and soft lighting. Compared to other space capsules made by competitors, which are often white and very simple, the design of these balloons looks impressive.

Other capabilities of these balloons Drinks, efficient Wi-Fi and spectacular views can be mentioned.

Price and time of the first space trip with a hydrogen balloon

The price of space travel ticket with hydrogen balloons of this company for each person 125 thousand It is a dollar and can carry eight passengers (and one pilot) up to altitude 30 km Raise the ground level. At this altitude, the phenomenon of weightlessness will not be experienced and is much lower than other space tourism companies. For example, Virgin Galactic lifts passengers up to 80 km and Blue Origin lifts passengers up to 100 km.

Jane Pointer, co-founder of the company, explains that passengers will go to “over 99% of the atmosphere”. He explains:

“We wanted to find a way to really change the way people think about space travel. “Balloons allow us to take people into space slowly and easily.”

Passengers on this space trip must fasten their seat belts for only the first 15 minutes and the last few minutes of their journey.

The first hydrogen-inflated balloon the size of a football stadium will fly from Florida to the United States. This balloon for two hours Ascending, the same time will remain at its peak and then begin its two-hour descent.

Space Perspective, which explains that their project does not emit any greenhouse gases, expects to fly 25 flights in the first year, all of which are now booked.

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