Riding on clouds; The fifth annual Arvan Cloud event will be held on April 17th

سوار ابرها؛ پنجمین رویداد سالانه ابر آروان ۲۸ فروردین برگزار می‌شود

Arvan Cloud Fifth Cloud Ride Event (RTC22) Will be held on April 18, 1401 for its Iranian and foreign audiences. In this event, Arvan cloud experts will talk about the most up-to-date cloud technologies in the world and Arvan cloud products and services, and will present a report on Arvan’s latest achievements in Iran and the international market.

This year we are going to witness exciting events in the Cloud Ride event; From the news of launching and expanding cloud data centers to achieving single-digit rankings of Arvan products in comparison with the most prominent actors in cloud technology in the world.

Riding the Fifth Clouds, along with unveiling a new generation of products and services such as content distribution network, cloud server, cloud space, video platform and cloud container, Arvan talks about his new collaborations and business partners and talks about world-wide clouds.

Senior corporate executives, startups and online businesses, tech executives, cloud experts, developers, programmers and tech enthusiasts will be in attendance.

This year, unlike previous cloud rides, due to Corona restrictions, admission to this event is very limited and those interested can visit The fifth cloud ride event Sign up to watch it online.

Ride of the Fifth Clouds (RTC22) will be held in cooperation with Pasargad Bank, Fanap and PayPad. PayPad application Available to the audience from 17:30 on Sunday, April 18, 1401.

To get acquainted with the speakers and register for this event, you can visit the page The fifth cloud ride event Head over.

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