Rightel Company’s letter to the Minister of Communications: We are going bankrupt!

Rightel Company's letter to the Minister of Communications: We are going bankrupt!

Who would have thought that one day, in addition to the voice of the people to limit the international bandwidth and extensive filtering of social networks, the voice of companies and large communication operators will also come out? So far, more than 3 months have passed since the protests and internet restriction, and many events have happened in different parts of the country, which are showing their effects little by little. In the latest incident that has happened in the country’s communication world, we have seen that Rightel sent a letter to the Minister of Communications to inform about the imminent bankruptcy of this company due to widespread filtering.

  • Rightel’s share in the market of communication operators increased more than before
  • Selling the information of 5.5 million subscribers of Rightel operator on the Internet! (Confirmed + Wright’s statement)

Details of the letter from Wrightel Company to the Minister of Communications

In the aforementioned letter, Mr. Yaser Rezakhah (CEO and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rightel) requested the Minister of Communications of the Islamic Republic of Iran to provide assistance and send support measures to compensate for the damages caused to this company since the widespread internet filtering. As reported by Rightel, the data service traffic of this company has decreased by 50% since September 30. The amount of daily traffic of this company’s network has also decreased from around 1500 terabytes in late summer to less than 700 terabytes.

Since the restrictions announced to the operators for security reasons, in only one case, the daily income of Rightel has decreased by 14 billion Rials, and in the first three weeks alone, 302 billion Rials of the company’s income have been lost. Rightel says that since most of the company’s income was obtained from the sale of data and the share of SMS and conversation services of this operator is very limited compared to its competitors, it is not possible to compensate the damage through them.

Rightel company's letter to the Minister of Communications - we are going bankrupt!

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