Royol unveils the market’s first stretch micro-LED display

«رویول» از نخستین نمایشگر میکرو LED قابل کشش بازار رونمایی کرد

Royole has introduced the market’s first stretchable micro-LED display with 130% traction and 40 ° bending.

The extended version of this 2.7-inch display not only has the ability to fold and roll has it, But can take three different three-dimensional forms. Royel says micro-LED stretchable displays can be used on the windshield of smart cars as well as wearable gadgets.

The company launched the world’s first clamshell phone in late 2018, and now has the world’s first stretch micro-LED display. Royol claims that the technology used to develop the new display is compatible with the industrial production process. As a result, it may not be long before the first devices equipped with this display are introduced and marketed.

At the 2021 Display Week symposium, the company unveiled a 2.7-inch display with a resolution of 96 by 60 pixels that can be expanded by 130% and can be bent up to 40 degrees.

The stretchable micro-LED display technology is said to be capable of delivering up to a maximum resolution of 120 pixels per inch (PPI) and also offers much higher portability than current flexible OLED display technology. A 70% increase in the portability of the company’s new display makes this technology very suitable for use in the windshield of smart cars and smart glasses.

In addition to the use of such displays in the automotive industry and the development of smart wearable gadgets, it can also be used for biomedical applications.

With the exception of ZTE, which unveiled the Alpha Nubia with an expandable display, other tech companies have not yet developed such displays for wearable gadgets.

“Bill Liu, founder and CEO of Roywell, said in a statement:

“Royol is a leader in flexible display technology and can be used in augmented reality, virtual reality, wearable gadgets, medical applications and the smart car industry.”

Royol has announced that the new technology will reach mass production in the production of stretchable displays, but has not yet specified when production will begin.

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