RTX 4090’s 16-pin power connectors are starting to melt again

RTX 4090's 16-pin power connectors are starting to melt again

Six months after Nvidia’s last official statement about the RTX 4090’s damaged cable connectors, The report shows new cases This problem has not gone away. All this time the blame has been shifted between Nvidia, user error and the spec publisher. Still, switching to ATX 3.0 power supplies is the safest possible way to avoid melting the RTX 4090’s 16-pin connector conversion.

Nvidia’s official statement on the 16-pin port melting – only 50 have been reported

Nvidia still blames users

At least three new reports of melting 16-pin adapters for Nvidia’s flagship GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card have surfaced on Reddit this week. The existence of these complaints could indicate that there is still a problem with Etisalat six months after Nvidia’s statement.

The problems began in October (stamp 400) when several 4090 owners said their power cables had burned or melted. In November, Nvidia confirmed 50 cases of melting connectors worldwide, saying users had not connected the connectors properly. However, the group Igor’s Lab Questioned the soldering quality of the provided connectors. One user opened a class-action lawsuit against Nvidia, and AMD took the opportunity to attack its rival in a holiday tweet last year (below).

RTX 4090 connector melting

The RTX 4090 graphics card uses 16-pin 12VHPWR connectors and supports ATX 3.0 power supply by default. Users who don’t want to spend extra to upgrade from their ATX 2.0 PSU can use the included conversions on their 8-pin connectors.

Intel’s recommendation for a new 12VHPWR 16-pin connector design

One of the new incidents occurred after about six months of use. The user asserts that he has connected the connectors correctly and securely. Similarly, a second user claims that a connector conversion that was properly attached melted about six or seven months after installation. This user primarily used the PC to train AI models rather than play games. One of the strangest aspects of the second report is that his affected PC has two RTX 4090 graphics cards, with the latter being undamaged.

RTX 4090 connector melting

And the third report is from someone using a third-party Corsair SF750 platinum conversion. Assuming this connector is also connected correctly, this example can show that the main problem is not the conversion. Even weirder is that the user limited his graphics card to 70% power and paired it with a regular Ryzen 7600 CPU, so his power supply certainly wasn’t under too much pressure.

So far, there have been no reports of RTX 4090 graphics card connectors melting or burning with ATX 3.0 power supplies. So the best way to protect against this problem is probably to avoid using any connector conversion models and upgrade your power supply to an ATX 3.0 generation, which probably won’t cost much compared to a $1600 graphics card. Those who for whatever reason can’t avoid using conversions can check the status of their 16-pin connection with a new feature in GPU-Z.

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