Rumor: Counter-Strike 2 may be announced in March

Rumor: Counter-Strike 2 may be announced in March

It seems that the expected project “Counter-Strike 2” (Counter-Strike 2) from the company “Valve” will be officially introduced this month.

“Richard Lewis”, an eSports reporter and analyst who publishes a lot of news about the Counter-Strike series, announced in a new report that Counter-Strike 2 is coming. He said about this:

The new version of the “Counter Strike” series will be released under the title “Counter Strike 2” and its beta version will be available to players this month (March) or the first day of April.

According to Lewis’ news sources, Counter-Strike 2 is ready for release and Valve has put it into testing. Valve’s test process center is located in Seattle, USA. Also, in the list of names of Nvidia graphics cards, two icons with the names csgos2.exe and cs2.exe can be seen. This report could mean that NVidia is preparing a beta version of Counter-Strike 2 for the coming weeks.

Introduction of Counter-Strike 2 game

Introduction of Counter-Strike 2 game; The possibility of supporting 128 dedicated servers!

In the continuation of the “Lewis” report, work on the Counter-Strike 2 project is mentioned, apparently with a relative lack of work on problems CS: GO has fixed His news sources emphasize that Counter-Strike 2 will be available to players when the game’s graphics issues are fully resolved to meet the needs of CS series players.

Counter-Strike 2 game, most likely with a graphics engine Source Engine 2 It is optimized. Also, this game, like the title “Valorant” 128 dedicated servers Will have. Valve has not yet responded to the leaked information about the CS2 game. Last month, Steam announced that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is still the most popular game on this platform. This game is over on a daily basis 1.3 million The player attracts.

what is your opinion? Will Counter-Strike 2 finally be officially announced after eleven years? Please share your thoughts with us.

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