Rumor: Nvidia abandons MX laptop graphics cards

Rumor: Nvidia abandons MX laptop graphics cards

Nvidia company had developed low-end MX series graphics cards for thin and light laptops, whose integrated CPU graphics processor was not enough to do a series of tasks, and due to temperature and energy consumption limitations, it is possible to install more powerful GTX/RTX cards in They did not exist. But now, because of the advances made by integrated graphics, Nvidia is possible Retire MX series laptop graphics cards.

MX graphics cards are being retired

Now that we are in 2023, both Intel and AMD have put powerful graphics processors inside their laptop processors, processors that sometimes have video encoders and artificial intelligence accelerators. The new generation of integrated graphics of these two companies is quite enough for popular shooter and MMO games, and even heavier games can be run on them at low resolutions.

To see how advanced integrated graphics processors have been over the years, just look at the growing popularity of x86 handheld consoles. The new generation of AMD’s Ryzen 6000 APUs with RDNA 2 graphics and Intel’s Alder Lake-P processors with Iris graphics in new handheld consoles can easily run AAA games on 720p resolution at 60 frames per second. Some companies have even updated their handheld consoles with Ryzen 7000 APUs with RDNA 3 internal graphics, so the gap between integrated graphics processors and low-end discrete graphics cards like the MX series is getting smaller day by day.

Rumor Nvidia abandons MX laptop graphics cards Rumor: Nvidia abandons MX laptop graphics cards 2

Nvidia’s MX series graphics cards not only have a very low TDP, but their memory is only 2 GB and through a very narrow 64-bit interface, and the small size and width of the memory severely limits their power. The MX570 graphics card, as the most powerful graphics card in this series, is equipped with a GA107 processor with 2048 CUDA cores and offers performance equal to Arc A370M, GTX 1650 and RX 6300M ​​graphics cards.

The MX570 graphics card may not be a fast graphics card, but it is still faster than the Radeon 680M graphics – the internal graphics of the Ryzen 6000 APUs. But as said, Radeon 780M graphics, which is supposed to be used in Ryzen 7000 APUs, will provide better performance than MX570 graphics card.

In addition, Nvidia is planning to release a 35-watt RTX 4050 graphics card, and with this situation, the gap between discrete graphics cards and integrated graphics processors is no longer so large that MX series graphics cards are needed to fill it. . Therefore, it is possible that the MX570 will be the last graphics card to be released in this series.

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