Rumor: WWE 2K23 is likely to be released in March this year

Rumor: WWE 2K23 is likely to be released in March this year

It looks like 2K and Visual Concepts are planning to release a lot of information about WWE 2K23 later this month. It is also rumored that this long-awaited game will be released in the middle of March (early April 1402).

According to the website EurogamerWWE 2K23 fans will get new information about WWE 2K23 gameplay and game modes on January 28 during the Royal Rumble event.

The unveiling of WWE 2K23 during the Royal Rumble event

Mike Straw from the website Insider Gaming Announces that WWE 2K23 will be unveiled on January 28th in San Antonio, Texas. Apparently, this game is supposed to be introduced only during the said event, and other information about it will not be available to players until the “completion of content development”. It is rumored that the first information about the WWE 2K23 title will be released to fans on the first day of February.

WWE 2K23 game

Recently, two exclusive expansion packs from WWE have been released for the online game Rainbow Six Siege, where players can go to battle with the enemy force in the form of characters Undertaker and Becky “The Man” Lynch. These two expansion packs of Siege game are available for all owners of 9th and 8th generation consoles and PC.

Currently, WWE 2K22 version is available for players on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

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