Russia’s military strike on Ukraine is likely to have a limited impact on the chip industry

حمله نظامی روسیه به اوکراین احتمالا تاثیر محدودی روی صنعت تراشه خواهد داشت

Large production companies Chip Have claimed that the military war between Russia and Ukraine may have caused some Limitations They will be the supply chain, and some sources in the chip industry have suggested that the dispute is likely to have a long-term impact.

Europe has faced one of its biggest crises in decades, following Russian invasion of Ukraine by land, air and sea. This military attack so far take stock Many technology companies around the world as well Ramzarz Bazaar It has affected and damaged them.

According to Reuters, Ukraine More than 90% Neon supplies the United States semiconductor Which is essential for the lasers used in making the chip. Techcet, a market analyst, explains that the gas, a byproduct of Russia’s steel industry, is being refined in Ukraine. In addition, Russia supplies 35 percent of the palladium used in the United States, which is used in sensors and memory.

A Japanese source in the chip industry, who asked not to be named, explains:

Chip makers will not feel any direct impact, but companies supplying semiconductor materials will buy gases, including neon and palladium, from Russia and Ukraine. The availability of these materials is now limited, so any further pressure on resources can raise prices. This in turn can increase the price of the chip.

Coping with chip industry companies with restrictions

At present, ISAMS Holding, a key Dutch supplier to the world’s largest chipmakers, including TSMC, Samsung and Intel, is apparently facing serious problems and is looking at alternative sources of limited neon in its factories.

However, many of the world’s largest chipmakers seem to be ready for the crisis, and it remains to be seen how long the military tensions between Russia and Ukraine will continue and how much of an impact they will have.

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