Sadegh Zibakalam: The national internet will be something like a vaccine and a domestically produced car

کدام باربری تهران با کمترین هزینه اسباب کشی منزل  شما را انجام می‌دهد؟

Sadegh Zibakalam, stating that it is very easy for the delegates to say that the launch of the national internet is only in words, predicted that the result of this plan will be something like a car and a vaccine produced and the designers will not achieve their goals.

Zibakalam in explaining the statement why the MPs, with the amount of public dissatisfaction that the people have shown, insist on Protection plan “The first reason is that, unfortunately, the members of parliament do not know what they are commenting on and deciding on,” they said.

In a recent media interview, he noted that saying startup National Internet It is very easy for the delegates, he said, “the result will probably be something like a car and a vaccine produced inside.”

Beautiful words “When you enter the field of action, you see what constraints and difficulties you face,” he said, stressing that lawmakers do not know what they are deciding. Deputies think that for example National Internet “It’s something the Chinese make and give, and the milk is in their hands, and they control it whenever they want.”

“Unfortunately, their level of knowledge is very low,” he said in another part of his interview with Sharq newspaper, referring to the level of knowledge of MPs. “The second reason is that they may know that this is impossible, but in any case, for the 10 or 15 percent who support them, they make the gestures that we do it.”

Zibakalam: The designers of the protection plan do not achieve their goals

He also answered the question of whether the designers are finally Protection plan They will achieve their goals, he said: “No! “Not because I disagree with this plan, but because in practice, if we look at it, we see that the fundamentalist currents thought about it a little late.”

“Now the flow of people and its connection to the Internet is like a roaring stream of water that cannot be stopped so easily,” Zibakalam said, emphasizing that they should have thought about it when smartphones were becoming public.

According to him Protection plan It is like pulling cement on the cracks of a dam with a lot of water behind it. China and North Korea have been thinking about this for years and working on it. That is, they stopped it before its people could taste it.

According to Zibakalam, today in Iran Cyberspace It has entered and practically become an important part of people’s lives. “We can not remove it,” he said Internet To limit. Political issues with you See how many economic arteries are in bed Internet “They are going through times.”

“How can it be limited or eliminated on this scale,” he said, noting that even currents close to the government are active in the field. That’s why I say they came up with the idea late. So that Iranian officials want to try with the help of China or others Internet “They are practically not going anywhere with the rapid advancement of technology, and there are certainly advances in the world that make their actions ineffective.”

Fruitless Telegram Filtering

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Referring to the Telegram filtering incident in the last 5 years, Zibakalam said: “For example, what happened when the Telegram or Twitter was filtered? Everyone from officials to citizens in this Social Networks And messengers FilterHave been active. “In fact, the history of dealing with the Internet in Iran shows that such restrictions are not going anywhere.”

“I see no reason why the Chinese should be willing to participate in such a project and partner with Iran, even with economic incomes,” he said of working with the Chinese on the project. Because it requires a huge infrastructure that is beyond internal capacity. However, apart from the advances we have made in aerospace and missiles, we have not progressed in any other direction and in the story. Internet “So it is.”

“Just as we did not have the infrastructure and capabilities to build a national telegram, we could not have a larger national Internet,” he said.

Communication Revolution in Iran

“For the first time, an important communication revolution is taking place in Iran, and it’s called “The Internet revolution is in Iran.”

Zibakalam continued his explanation: “In my opinion, the dimensions and social and political consequences of the Internet in Iran are wider and more influential. For the first time since modernity in Iran, we see that people can speak. “What should be said and what should not be said has always been in the hands of governments.”

“For the first time in the history of Iran, we are witnessing another institution called cyberspace and the citizens who are in cyberspace say things that have little to do with the government and its policies,” he said. I have nothing to do with whether their careers are right or wrong. I am referring to a change of reference in this regard. “This is a barrier that people have broken.”

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