Saina zero is worse or Lifan 620 used; A comparison in the market of 200 million cars

ساینا صفر بدتر است یا لیفان 620 کارکرده؛ مقایسه ای در بازار خودروهای 200 میلیونی

Currently, the price of the zero-kilometer Saina EX has reached some old Chinese cars, such as the Lifan 620 with the 1800 cc model 92, and this issue causes customers to be skeptical between buying one of these two family sedans. In this article, stay tuned to Digito to compare Saina and Lifan 620 Let’s pay and see with a budget Nearly 200 million tomans Buy zero Saina or used Lifan 620.

Compare the design of Saina and Lifan 620

As a rule, the design of Lifan 620 looks a bit more pleasant than the Saina view due to the greater harmony between the main elements of the body of this car, such as lights, side window frames, bumpers, etc.

Of course, Saina’s face has become much more attractive than Tiba, but it does not seem that the exterior of this car against the Lifan 620 can attract more customers; Therefore, it can be said that the exterior design of Lifan 620 is more in the hearts of customers and its prestige is felt higher than Saina.

Saina ex

In terms of interior design, the Lifan 620 is rated better than the Saina. The more balanced and beautiful design of the Lifan dashboard, compared to the very simple and of course ugly Saina interior design, will definitely be more attractive to users.

Lifan Cabin 620

The quality of Lifan 620 interior material is also better than Saina, and the space inside the cabin of this Chinese car will be much more pleasant than Saina due to its larger dimensions.

1651617184 532 Saina zero is worse or Lifan 620 used A comparison Saina zero is worse or Lifan 620 used; A comparison in the market of 200 million cars 4

The Lifan 620 trunk also has a capacity of 650 liters and will be more useful than the Saina 370 liter trunk, especially when traveling. Therefore, Lifan cabin has a significant advantage over Saina, both in terms of beauty and quality and spaciousness.

Technical comparison of Lifan 620 and Saina

Not only the Saina, but also most of the higher-end sedans of this product, which are domestically produced, do not have much to say in terms of technical power compared to the Lifan 620, which is equipped with a 1.8-liter engine. Because this car can transfer 131 horsepower and 162 Nm of torque to the axle through a 5-speed manual gearbox.

Lifan 620 engine

But the Saina engine is an 8-valve, producing only 87 horsepower plus 128 Nm of torque. Of course, Saina is about 105 kg lighter than its opponent, but still its technical power is still much lower than its Chinese opponent.

Motor Saina

Acceleration from zero to 100 Lifan 620 is estimated at about 10.5 seconds, and this figure is close to 13 seconds for Saina. The ride quality of the Lifan 620 is quite enjoyable and more reliable compared to the Saina in terms of smooth ride, handling and stability.

It goes without saying that the Lifan 16-valve engine is equipped with a timing chain, but the Saina engine has 8 valves, and its crankshaft force reaches the valve shaft through the timing belt. So there is no doubt that in terms of quality and ride pleasure as well as technical power, the Lifan 620 will be at a higher level than the Saina and even some other domestically produced cars.

Compare Saina and Lifan 620 in terms of features

1651617185 416 Saina zero is worse or Lifan 620 used A comparison Saina zero is worse or Lifan 620 used; A comparison in the market of 200 million cars 8

Compared to the Saina and Lifan 620 in terms of comfort and safety, it will be the winner of the Chinese sedan competition; Because it benefits from more features including sunroof, touch screen with rear camera and navigation, side mirror heater, autolite and dual mode steering wheel with control keys.

Common features between the two cars include a few items such as electric side mirrors, hydraulic steering, ABS and EBD anti-lock brakes, rear parking sensor, USB port, manual front seat adjustment and non-automatic air conditioning.


Certainly, under normal circumstances, the Lifan 620 is much superior and is in a higher class than the Saina. This family sedan is considered the absolute winner of this comparison both in terms of cabin spaciousness and things like: more balanced design, amenities and technical capacity compared to Saina.

1651617186 849 Saina zero is worse or Lifan 620 used A comparison Saina zero is worse or Lifan 620 used; A comparison in the market of 200 million cars 10

But the point is that when we ask ourselves if we should buy a Saina Zero or a Lifan 620 1800 gear model 92, we should have a zero-kilometer car with a more prosperous second-hand market and a very extensive after-sales service with cheaper spare parts and a much lower maintenance cost. Put an 8-year-old car with a relatively sluggish sales market and more expensive spare parts.

So we have to say that if you are looking to buy a small sedan with low maintenance costs, cheap spare parts and a very thriving market where you can turn the car into cash at any time and you do not want to experience high risk in this area, It is better to buy Saina zero kilometers.


But other than that, Lifan 620 1800 model 92 is superior to Saina in most respects, and only the discussion of sales and after-sales service is weaker than Saina, which makes customers who are less risk-averse give the gift of this Chinese car to its competitors. .

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