Samsung became the top phone brand in 2022 in terms of repairability

Samsung became the top phone brand in 2022 in terms of repairability

According to ElectronicsHub research, Samsung as The best smartphone brand in terms of repairability In 2022, it has surpassed Apple by a large margin. The study compiled iFixit data to determine which smartphones are easier to repair than other models based on average repair time and difficulty of repair manual instructions.

2022 Samsung phones are the most repairable

A recent study shows that Samsung Galaxy phones launched in 2022 are the most repairable devices on the market. The Galaxy S22 Ultra ranked third in terms of DIY repairability behind the Galaxy A40 (2019) and the Moto G7 which was released in the same year. The average repair time for the Galaxy A40 is 32.6 minutes per charge, with 42.9% of repair steps considered easy. While the Galaxy S22 Ultra has an average repair time of 48.1 minutes and 33.3% of its repairs are easily applicable.

On the other hand, the most difficult smartphone to repair was the Google Pixel 7 (2022) with an average repair time of 60.3 minutes. The Galaxy Note 10 was also labeled unrepairable with an average repair time of 58.4 minutes and strict repair instructions.

Samsung became the top phone brand in 2022 in terms of repairability

Interestingly, Samsung was also the top brand in terms of repairs in 2013 and 2014. Emmett was then overtaken by brands like Google, Motorola, Apple and Xiaomi. However, in 2022, Samsung regained its position as the most repairable smartphone brand in the world.

Samsung’s focus on repairability can be seen in its latest phones, including the 2023 Galaxy S23 series, which now come with battery pouches that make battery swapping a breeze. This move is likely to maintain Samsung’s position as the best smartphone repairability brand in the market.

Overall, this study highlights the importance of repairability as a key factor for consumers when choosing a smartphone. With Samsung leading the way in this field, other brands may need to follow suit and make repairability a priority in order to stay afloat in the ever-evolving competitive smartphone market.

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