Samsung can remotely disable stolen TVs

سامسونگ می‌تواند تلویزیون‌های سرقت شده را از راه دور غیرفعال کند

Samsung has said it can remotely disable a TV if it finds it stolen. This feature is called “Television Block Function” Is called, Recently activated for Samsung TVs in South Africa.

In a wave of protests in South Africa, a number of Samsung TVs were stolen from the company’s warehouse in that country. Now Samsung says it can disable these TVs, and this feature is on all of the company’s TVs by default.

According to the Koreans, this feature ensures that the TV is used by its owner and the person who bought it. However, we do not know if Samsung wants to use such a feature to deal with major thefts such as warehouse theft or with the help of ordinary customers.

Samsung needs a stolen TV serial number for the TV Block Function to work. When a TV is connected to the Internet, its serial number is compared to a list on a Samsung server, and if it matches, it disables all TV features.

Disabling stolen TVs in South Africa should not be a difficult task for Samsung as they have been stolen from the company’s warehouse. So the Koreans can track its inventory.

However, Samsung may offer users the ability to provide the company with a serial number if their TV is stolen to remotely disable it. Of course, we still do not know whether the Koreans are looking to provide such a service or not.

Finally, Samsung said that if a TV was mistakenly deactivated in South Africa, people could reactivate it by sending documents proving that such a TV had been purchased.

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