Samsung does not plan to buy OLED panels from China’s BOE this year

Samsung does not plan to buy OLED panels from China's BOE this year

Samsung has been buying OLED and LCD panels from China’s BOE for several years. These panels are used in smartphones and televisions. However, it looks like Samsung next year Will not buy OLED panels from BOE And he has placed his orders with CSOT and LG Display.

Samsung bought the OLED panel

According to a list obtained by TheElec, Samsung has removed BOE from its list of official suppliers. This means that Samsung will not buy any products from the Chinese company. The reason for this appears to be the recent royalty payment problems from the BOE. Samsung reportedly asked the BOE to pay royalties for using the Samsung name in its marketing; But the BOE has not agreed to this request. Since then, Samsung has reduced its purchase of display panels from BOE.

Samsung’s latest supplier list shows that BOE is no longer part of the company’s program. BOE’s OLED panels are commonly used in Samsung’s budget and mid-range smartphones. LCD panels are also used in affordable televisions of this company. In addition, now this company has increased the purchase orders of display panels from CSOT and LG Display.

Various companies, including Apple and Samsung, seem to be reducing their reliance on Chinese companies due to geopolitical tensions surrounding China. It was recently reported that Apple has stopped buying NAND chips from China’s YMTC. Instead, the company will buy NAND chips from Samsung and SK Hynix.

  • BOE will be one of the suppliers of the iPhone 14 display
  • Apple bought 80 million Samsung OLED panels for iPhone 14
  • Apple will source the display for next-generation iPads from BOE – mass-producing 15-inch panels

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