Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will probably come with a titanium body and sapphire

گلکسی واچ 5 پرو سامسونگ احتمالا با بدنه تیتانیومی و یاقوت کبود از راه می‌رسد

According to a source in the world of technology, Samsung has special plans for the next generation of its smartwatch. It seems the Koreans want this year from Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Reveal that instead of the usual aluminum body, it uses a titanium body and its screen is protected by sapphire.

According to the Twitter account UniverseIce، Samsung plans to replace the aluminum body with a titanium body in this smartwatch Galaxy Watch 4 And steel body Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Slowly This can increase the resistance, but it can also increase the price of this product.

The source also added that Samsung made the glass of this product Sapphire Will build that relative to Gorilla Glass DX Used in the previous generation has more scratch and impact resistance.

Ice Universe also believes in the design of this product that the new generation of Samsung smartwatches will not have a thinner margin, and instead the margin will be even slightly larger. Of course, the possibility of using the rotating bezel with the classic Galaxy Watch 4 has not been ruled out yet.

Possible features of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

This is not the first time we have seen a report about the Pro version of the next generation of Samsung smartwatch. In the past, other sources have mentioned the development of such a product, and it seems that the closer we get to the time of its introduction, the more information about it will be revealed.

According to the passwords registered by Samsung, it seems that three models of smartwatches are on the way, these three passwords Heart-S And Heart-L Along with Heart-Pro And it is now assumed that the first two models refer to the regular Galaxy Watch 5, with the difference that the S model is smaller than the L model.

So the Heart-Pro model is probably called the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro or ultra It will be launched to make Samsung smartwatches compatible with Galaxy S series phones.

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