Samsung has released about 10 million foldable phones in 2021

سامسونگ در سال 2021 حدود 10 میلیون گوشی تاشو به بازار عرضه کرده است

A few days ago, Samsung officially confirmed that their next Unpacked event will be held on August 19, where they will likely see the introduction of the new generation. Folding phones The technology giant will be Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4. Now, before this event, the head of Samsung’s mobile department in a new post to supply approx 10 million devices The foldable phone is mentioned in 2021.

Roo Tae Moon, Head of MX Business Department New Samsung blog post He wrote about the folding phones of this company:

“Three years ago, Galaxy foldable phones were summed up in one word: innovative and different. However, it quickly became clear that this innovative and flexible design perfectly suited the modern lifestyle. As a result, what was new to people three years ago is now the choice of millions.”

He further explains in this post that in 2021, approximately 10 million foldable smartphones were sold in the global mobile market, which is an increase compared to the previous year, 2020. 300 percent It shows the rollout of foldable phones.

Samsung’s lead in the foldable phone market

folding phone

Of course, the Korean technology giant may have exaggerated a little in presenting these statistics. Ross Young, CEO of DSCC and a display industry analyst, claims that the number of foldable devices sold in the market last year was 7.9 million. IDC in its report It has mentioned the supply of 7.1 million devices. However, the clear point for all users is Samsung’s lead in the foldable phone market.

According to reports, Samsung 87.8 percent 2021 is the year of the released folding phones. After that, Huawei is in the second place with a share of 9.3%, which shows the huge distance of the Koreans compared to other competitors.

It is currently estimated that there will be 27.6 million foldable devices in the market by 2025, and Samsung seems to be aiming to take over this market completely. Recently, in this regard, it was said that Samsung will reduce the sale of its cheap phones in order to focus more on the next generation of its foldable devices.

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