Samsung improves Wi-Fi performance in new Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch 3 update

گلکسی واچ

Samsung has released a new update for the 2018 Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch 3 that improves overall performance and Wi-Fi settings.

The Koreans unveiled their third generation smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 3, at Samsung’s 2020 Unpack. Samsung’s new update could help increase system stability.

Changes in view taken It’s the same for both hours, and the messenger app has been improved for a better user experience. Also, by improving and stabilizing WiFi connections, users can have a better connection without creating any disconnection. Overall, Samsung has improved the stability and credibility of its smartwatches with this update. Although this update does not add a new feature to Samsung watches, it does fix some connectivity issues.

The new update of the Galaxy Watch has been released with the model number R80xXXU1FUD1 and for the Galaxy Watch 3 with the model number R84xXXU1BUD1. Note that the lowercase letter “x” varies depending on the location of users.

In the latest update, the third generation of the smartwatch received support for the SmartThings Find app and the Hand Wash app. In the previous update, support for images and emojis in messages and receiving voice guidance for sports movements was also added to the Galaxy Watch.

Currently, the Galaxy Watch update is for South Korean users only. While the Galaxy Watch 3 update is available to users in the US, Canada, India and Korea. However, it looks like it will take some time for the Samsung smartwatch update to be released globally.

Users can find out about their smartwatch update status by visiting the Galaxy Wearable app.

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