Samsung, in partnership with Manna, has begun delivering 3 minutes of goods by drone

Samsung, in partnership with Manna, has begun delivering 3 minutes of goods by drone

Samsung and Manna Airlines have implemented a future in the small town of Oranmore, Ireland, where goods will be delivered to buyers by drone in minutes. Under the partnership agreement, Samsung’s small electronics, such as smartphones and watches purchased from the company’s online store in Orenmore, Ireland, will be delivered to buyers via Manna drones within three minutes.

to the According to Samsung, “Mana” company has produced special air drones to deliver these goods. These drones can fly at speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour. However, delivery with these drones will apparently only be possible within a two-kilometer radius of the distribution center, and this will lead to a tremendous reduction in delivery time.

Of course, Samsung and Mana have not set a new record in this contract. The people of Orenmore were already able to buy and receive a variety of goods, such as food items or medicines, from the Tesco chain store, thanks to Mana drones.

Samsung and Mana say they plan to expand their partnership across Ireland and even other countries. After receiving legal licenses in 2016, Amazon began testing the delivery of goods by drone in the UK. In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration has begun issuing approvals for small-scale testing so that companies can deliver their goods by UAV.

With all these measures, it seems that the delivery of goods from several-day and several-hour intervals to several-minute time intervals. Of course, lawmakers must first explain the requirements for drones to fly. The Federal Aviation Administration, for example, has asked companies to declare ownership of drones through a new authentication system. Overall, given the speed of change and movement of governments, it seems that more time is needed to learn this way of delivering goods, but the entry of large companies such as Samsung can accelerate this process and realize the future sooner.

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