Samsung is apparently working on developing a new laptop with a foldable display

سامسونگ ظاهرا روی توسعه لپ تاپ جدیدی با نمایشگر تاشو کار می‌کند

While the past few years have seen a huge growth in the market of clamshell phones and Samsung Known as the market leader at all, it now looks like the tech giant is working on a new laptop with Folding display Is.

South Korean-based tech giant Patent Has registered a new one in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) called “Multiple Folding Electronic Device” Folding laptop new is showing. Although Intel has already unveiled a laptop with a foldable display, Samsung’s patent points to some changes.

Features of Samsung Concept Folding Laptop

According to the description and images provided by Samsung Patent, the technology giant uses a flexible display in its device to allow users to fold the folding laptop in a more compact way, which makes it much easier to carry and move.

Another point shown in this patent, in addition to folding the device screen, is related to the keyboard, which apparently Samsung has divided into two equal parts, both sides of which include a part of the device battery. Apparently, Samsung used a kind of toggle to secure the keyboard of its device in the open state and a magnet to keep it closed when folded.

It should be noted, however, that all of the information provided is based on one of Samsung’s patents, and the devices described in the patents are not always intended to be the final product. So there is no guarantee that Samsung will launch its clamshell laptop in the future and we will have to wait for more additional news.

Samsung will be the main leader in the clamshell market in 2021, and according to recent reports, the company’s clamshell phone sales will quadruple last year compared to 2020. This year, however, Chinese companies have introduced relatively good clamshell phones such as the Honor Magic V and the Huawei P50 Envelope, and it remains to be seen how much impact they will have on Korean trade.

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