Samsung is developing a smartphone with a rotating pop-up camera

Samsung is developing a smartphone with a rotating pop-up camera

In mid-2020, Samsung filed a patent entitled “Electronic Device with Camera Module” with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which was approved on January 25 (January 14). This patent represents a rotating pop-up camera module.

Before most smartphones were equipped with a hole in the screen to host a selfie camera, there were several phones with pop-up cameras on the market. Of course, in the meantime, we should not forget to cut the screen or notch. However, Samsung did not offer products with a pop-up camera, and only the Galaxy A80 with a rotating camera entered the global market.

Now New patent Spheres show the rotating pop-up camera module. According to the available documents, this module can accommodate at least three cameras, and normally, all the camera sensors will be facing backwards.

This module rotates forward for selfie and video calling to face forward. As the sensor emerges from the body of the phone, one of the sensors is placed on top of the phone to be used as a selfie camera. The patent documents also mention the option to use the second sensor by further enhancing the module.

In addition to an engine, the system has two gears and a shaft, and includes a moving frame that turns into empty space as the camera module rises. This movable frame uses a flexible printed circuit board.

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Samsung’s system seems complex, and having too many components can be problematic for users. Also, falling or hitting a mobile phone can cause its own problems. Despite all this, patent registration does not necessarily mean that an idea will enter the real world, and Samsung may never produce a phone with this technology.

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