Samsung is developing its own mobile GPU

Samsung is developing its own mobile GPU

Samsung used the Xclipse 920 graphics processor in the Exynos 2200 mobile processor, which was the result of the company’s collaboration with AMD. But as it seems, this processor is only the first step of Samsung and this company is preparing itself for the next phase of the programs, i.e. Developing its own custom mobile GPU prepares Samsung is not the first company that wants to develop its own mobile GPU, and before that, Apple and Qualcomm have developed their own GPUs.

Samsung’s custom mobile GPU, in collaboration with AMD

The Xclipse 920 graphics processor used in the Exynos 2200 was based on AMD’s RNDA 2 graphics architecture. According to information recently published by the Revegnus Twitter account, Samsung is going to reuse the same graphics architecture for its custom mobile GPU. Of course, Samsung is not going to do the development of this processor alone and most likely, it will use AMD’s help in this direction. During the past few years and until the release of the Exynos 2100 processor, Samsung used ARM Mali graphics processors for its processors; A process that is going to change completely.

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The fact is that there is no specific criticism of the architecture and design of ARM graphics processors. But the efforts that Apple and Qualcomm have made in the field of graphic processor development and the results they have made have led Samsung to the conclusion that to reduce the distance in this competition, it has no choice but to develop its own mobile GPU. Of course, Revegnus mentioned in his tweet that the development of this processor is not going to be completed today or tomorrow, and we have to wait at least three years to meet it in a final product.

Taking a look at the roadmap, we come to the conclusion that if Samsung cannot get the desired result from this processor, it will delay its release with a final product again. In recent years, the South Korean technology giant has not been able to perform at its best in the field of chipset and processor production. But with proper planning and proper execution, it can reach a good position.

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