Samsung is likely to run the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro with a super-powerful battery

سامسونگ احتمالا روی گلکسی واچ 5 پرو با باتری فوق قدرتمند کار می‌کند

Company Samsung With series Galaxy Watch 4 Introduced extraordinary smartwatches to its audience that had only one drawback and that was nothing but Battery life. Now it seems that the Koreans want to solve this problem with a new version of the next generation of their smartwatch called the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

According to rumors circulating today, we should expect the release of the best version of this family under a possible title Watch 5 Pro Have that above Watch 5 And Classic Watch 5 Will be located.

It is said that this watch 5 Pro model is supposed to be a battery 572 It has a mAh, to better understand the difference between this battery and previous models, keep in mind that the largest battery used in the Galaxy Watch 4 and the classic only 361 It was milliamperes.

Other information available about Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Considering the 572 mAh battery, we can say that the new model is approx 60 It has a percentage increase in capacity, but probably this battery life for the following high-consumption users as well 48 The clock will last. In other words, if you are not one of those people who turn on all the features of their smartwatch, you can do more than 2 Expect the day from the Watch 5 Pro, which is exciting.

Of course, a larger battery can mean more, first of all, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro can be even more expensive than the classic Classic Watch 4. 46 The millimeter is either more expensive or heavier, secondly regardless of the model number SM-R925 The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is registered with several Korean certification bodies, but all current information is still unconfirmed rumors.

The only argument for Samsung making such a watch is the model number and the use of the letter R It is used for Samsung wearable products. No other details have been released yet and even News source Also the presence of the Watch 5 Pro in the figure 100 Percent not confirmed.

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