Samsung is likely to use BOE flexible OLED panels for the first time

Samsung is likely to use BOE flexible OLED panels for the first time

Chinese manufacturer of BOE displays will likely get the flexible OLED panels Samsung needs for the next generation of Galaxy M series phones provide.

This partnership between Samsung Electronics and the BOE could have many long-term benefits for both parties. Most of the Korean company’s smartphones are currently powered by one of its subsidiaries, Samsung Display.

With this partnership, Samsung Electronics will be able to get flexible panels with the same quality standard as the Samsung Display, but will probably pay less to buy them.

Flexible OLED panel technology has received a lot of attention in recent years, and these monitors use different materials and technology compared to conventional monitors. These panels are based on a flexible layer of plastic that allows them to bend.

These panels are lightweight and also lightweight. In addition to these features, they also have a high degree of freedom to bend.

The new Galaxy M is expected to arrive in the second half of this year with BOE displays. Production of these products will probably start in July 2021.

The BOE is backed by the Chinese government, however, the company’s progress after the US embargo on Huawei is likely to lead to cooperation between it and the Koreans.

Samsung has not yet issued an official statement for such a report and it is not yet possible to confirm it, however the supply of a panel from the BOE seems reasonable.

By doing so, Koreans will be able to obtain lower-priced parts, and of course, competition in the market will increase, leading to further price reductions. Technology giants such as Samsung and Apple are lowering the price of the parts they need by competing with different suppliers to drive more profits into their bank accounts by selling each device.

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