Samsung is working on a new 25 watt wireless charger with support for multiple devices

سامسونگ روی شارژر بی‌سیم ۲۵ وات جدیدی با پشتیبانی از چند دستگاه کار می‌کند

Samsung is reportedly working on developing a new wireless charger with support for several devices, and the new Korean charger will likely have specifications similar to Apple’s AirPower.

Based on Tweet Published by a market-aware source with the username chunvn8888 Samsung’s new charger will probably be a little thicker than the company’s previous version, the Wireless Trio. According to himThanks to the smaller dimensions of the copper coils, Samsung can offer a new wireless charging with a thinner thickness. In addition, the coils will also come with several layers of sandblasted copper, graphite and sandwich-shaped thermal grease that manage the heat of the device.

It is said that the cooling mechanism of this wireless charger is amplified by 5 to 6 small fans. A possible new product from Samsung can charge several devices simultaneously with 25 watts of power. Xiaomi recently introduced a multi-coil wireless charging pad in China for $ 90, which charges three devices at 20 watts.

Xiaomi seems to be paying close attention to wireless charging technology as they recently unveiled another fast charging technology called “HyperCharge” that can charge a 4,000 mAh battery in 8 minutes with a 200 watt wired charger. Motorola said in another report that its future handsets will be equipped with wireless charging technology. However, it can be said that large companies will pay special attention to wireless charging technology in the future.

However, it can be said that Samsung’s next 25 watt wireless charger will be a great product in the future market. Keep in mind, though, that the news has not yet been officially confirmed by the Korean tech giant and is still speculative. So we have to wait for the official information from Samsung.

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