Samsung launches smartphone display in India

Samsung launches smartphone display in India

Samsung has launched a smartphone display factory in India with a $ 653 million investment. Koreans are expected to start producing monitors and displays of other electronic products in the country soon.

In early 2020, Samsung officially announced plans to launch a smartphone display factory in India. The Corona epidemic delayed the program, to the point that the Koreans were forced to send manpower needed for a display factory in India. Now things are back to normal and Samsung has started producing the smartphone panel at the Noida factory.

According to a report published by “ET Telecom”, earlier this month, Samsung produced a mobile panel in this factory. has started. The Koreans are planning to increase production and eventually the production of monitors and other products in this field. In this screen production factory, more than 500 workers work directly. Meanwhile, the launch of the Samsung plant indirectly created another 1,300 job lines. Samsung currently produces 70% of all monitors needed in South Korea.

In early 2020, it was reported that Samsung Display had invested about $ 653 million to move smartphone display production from China to India. The high wages of workers in South Korea prompted the company to make such a decision. On the other hand, some tax exemptions and some other benefits are provided in India for companies that make such investments.

Some market analysts believe that with this move by Samsung, as well as the efforts of other technology companies, India will become a major hub in the production of electronic products.

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