Samsung unveils new 5G radio technology with higher bandwidth

Samsung unveils new 5G radio technology with higher bandwidth

Samsung has unveiled a new 5G radio technology that doubles the bandwidth required for medium bandwidth. Thanks to new technology, operators’ hardware needs are reduced and 5G implementation is easier and cheaper.

the door Samsung’s new technology 5G radio bandwidth in the middle bandwidth has increased from 200 MHz on current networks to 400 MHz. Thanks to this higher bandwidth, the Korean company’s technology will increase the performance of 5G networks in the middle band of the operators, and at the same time will require less changes in radio hardware. This includes situations where an operator has adjacent frequencies with a bandwidth of 400 MHz. 5G network operators can also use this technology to share network infrastructure capabilities with other operators.

Medium band frequencies provide a combination of wide coverage, high speed and low latency for 5G mobile network users. Samsung’s new radio technology includes Massive MIMO equipment and accelerates the implementation of 5G in the middle band by operators. Samsung’s new broadband solutions, including Massive MIMO equipment, will be available to operators from early 2022.

Samsung also recently unveiled another technology related to 5G broadband support called Mobility Enhancer. This technology uses artificial intelligence to improve network throughput for mobile phones in Massive MIMO devices by up to 30%.

With the introduction of smartphones that support 5G, the thirst of users to experience this network with high speed and low latency is increasing. It’s been a few months since 5G support opened its way to mid-range phones. Samsung’s new technology helps operators not only benefit from higher bandwidth, but also reduce the cost of hardware equipment.

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