Samsung will stop producing LCD panels six months earlier than planned

سامسونگ تولید پنل‌های LCD را شش ماه زودتر از برنامه اعلام شده متوقف می‌کند

Apparently Samsung Until late Khordad production line LCD the part Samsung Display Will shut down that 6 months Is earlier than previously announced by the company. According to informed sources, the increase in the company’s competitiveness seems to have forced the Korean to limit its trade losses.

Samsung was originally scheduled to launch its LCD division by the end of the year 2020 Shut down, although the technology market at the time was affected by the epidemic Covid-19 There was a growing demand for LCD panels, prompting Samsung to reconsider its decision.

However, the closure of this section, contrary to reports, in the year 2021 It also failed, and now Korean news sources are claiming that the tech giant is now ready to shut down its LCD production line forever.

Therefore reportsDis It should be noted that Samsung Display is now on the production of panels Old And QD Will be concentrated and it is expected that the staff of the closed department will also be transferred to the QD department.

Samsung reasons to stop producing LCD panel

Apparently, the production of LCD panels is no longer compatible with Samsung’s long-term approach in this area, and the company, as mentioned, is moving towards “monitors”.Quantum pointGo QD-OLEDs, and last month the company changed the use of a broken LCD product line to prepare it for the production of old panels.

According to local Korean media, another reason for Samsung’s decision is to saturate the market with cheap Chinese and Taiwanese LCDs. Currently, the price of an LCD panel has dropped by more than 60% compared to its peak time in January 2014.

Thus stopping the production of LCD and preparing cheaper samples from Chinese manufacturers (BOE) And Taiwanese (AU Optronics) Would be more logical and cost-effective for Samsung.

Finally, it should be noted that Samsung has not yet commented or commented on the denial or confirmation of this news.

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