Samsung’s decision to retire the Note series became more serious

Samsung's decision to retire the Note series became more serious

We have been seeing reports about the fate of Samsung Galaxy Note series phones for a long time. Now, according to the latest information, these products will be rewritten and we will not see the release of a new version of these smartphones.

In recent months, some sources have mentioned the cessation of production of the Galaxy Note series phones, but one of the executives of this Korean company denied such an issue, and we also saw the release of renderings of the Galaxy Note 21 Ultra. At the same time, Samsung Mobile Manager announced the support of more phones with the S Pen, and for the first time, one of the Galaxy S series phones, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, was introduced with support for this pen.

Now, two reliable sources in the field of technology have pointed out that the Galaxy Note series phones are at the end of their life and there will be no news about the Galaxy Note 21. Apparently, Samsung has recently decided not to produce these products anymore, which will certainly not be good news for fans of this phablet.

While the “Ice Universe” In a tweet Announcing the end of the Note series, an industry source named “Ross Young” has hinted that Samsung may launch the Galaxy Note 20 FE. Yang is also in His latest tweet Has announced an increase in sales of the Galaxy S21 series phones due to the lack of production of the next generation of the Note series.

The Note series phones were not much different from the Galaxy S series phones in previous years, and given the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s support for the S Pen, it might make sense to stop producing the Note series. By doing so, Koreans can focus on clamshell phones and increase their sales by offering a variety of products.

Samsung reacted to this information and said:

“We are committed to innovation in the mobile world and make users’ lives easier and better with new experiences. In this regard, we decided to provide the experience of using the S Pen optionally for Galaxy S21 Ultra users. Owners of this phone can use the pen to draw or take notes of their moments. Since the Galaxy S21 Ultra aims to provide the best user experience, users can take advantage of one of the most popular features of the Note series.

This does not mean that Samsung is not committed to the Note series phones, but we will bring its user experience to other products. “This provides the best user experience for all users, and we actively listen to them and apply them to future products.”

It remains to be seen what plans Samsung has for the Note series, whether the production of these lovely phablets will stop forever, or whether the Koreans will launch the next generation with different capabilities than the Galaxy S series.

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