Samsung’s new laptop with Intel Alder Lake processor and DDR5 RAM seen

لپ‌تاپ جدید سامسونگ با پردازنده Alder Lake اینتل و رم DDR5 رویت شد

Samsung is reportedly developing a new version of the Galaxy Book that uses Intel’s 12th generation 14-core Alder Lake processor. The first Alder Lake Intel processors are expected to be released later this year, and Samsung will probably be one of the first companies to launch products equipped with these processors.

Recently, the specifications of a laptop without Samsung name with 930QED ID in the database UserBenchmark have seen. According to the documentation provided, the Samsung laptop uses an anonymous Intel processor with 14 cores and 20 threads, a base frequency of 1 GHz and an average frequency of 2.25 GHz with active turbo capability. The Samsung laptop will also reportedly ship with Intel Iris Xe graphics and 256GB of SSD memory.

According to UserBenchmark, the Samsung laptop will be equipped with DDR5 RAM, so we are probably dealing with the first Korean laptops equipped with this technology. The documentation of this benchmark shows two 8 GB RAMs (16 GB in total) with a frequency of 4400 MHz, which is the minimum frequency of DDR5 RAMs.

Samsung could unveil its new Galaxy Abook laptop with an Alder Lake processor early next year, possibly at CES 2022. Of course, this also depends on when the next generation Intel processor is released. It is also possible that when the full introduction of 12th generation Intel processors is fully introduced, we will see the unveiling of the new Korean laptop.

In any case, the benchmark results for various reasons can not indicate the actual performance of this laptop. First of all, it seems that the benchmark has not been optimized for this processor yet and also the operating system has limited its performance to 90%.

In addition, the available information may not indicate the final parts of Samsung’s future laptop, and Korea may go for different parts. More information on this product is expected to be available on the Internet in the coming weeks.

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