Samsung’s third quarter financial report for 2021 announces a new revenue record

گزارش مالی فصل سوم ۲۰۲۱ سامسونگ از ثبت رکورد جدید درآمد خبر می‌دهد

In the third quarter of this year, Samsung’s revenue from chip sales and mobile commerce reached a new record of about $ 63 billion and was able to grow 26 percent compared to the previous quarter.

In the third quarter of 2020, Samsung was able to successfully overcome the Corona epidemic with revenue of about $ 57 billion. Now the South Korean tech giant has announced that it has reached a new record in the same period since 2021, with revenues of about $ 63 billion. Samsung also announced that the company’s profit this season has increased by 26% compared to the previous season to $ 13 billion.

Despite the global shortage of chips around the world, the memory chips and processors that Samsung makes and used in a variety of devices, from servers to mobile phones, are still in high demand. Changing the way you work also means that companies will have more CPU, SSD and more RAM for their servers. Will buy.

As the world’s largest chip maker, high prices for memory chips mean higher profits for Samsung, even if rising costs hurt the company’s consumer electronics sector. Sales of its memory segment in particular rose 46 percent from a year earlier, and profits for the South Korean tech giant’s semiconductor sector as a whole almost doubled from about $ 4 billion to about $ 8.5 billion.

In addition, Samsung is also the largest phone maker in the world, and according to it, there has been a lot of demand for clamshell phones such as the Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy mid-range phones.

Despite reports of potential problems and lower production targets for Apple’s iPhone 13 series, Samsung claims that its mobile display segment revenue has increased due to “demand for newly launched products from major mobile customers.” The biggest customer of the South Korean technology giant, which offers its mobile OLED displays, is Apple, which will release its quarterly revenue report soon.

Samsung expects significant revenue from its display segment in the fourth quarter, and this is not just about mobile, and there is also a demand for display devices such as laptops, tablets and game consoles.

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