Satoshi whale woke up after 9 years; Transfer of 791 bitcoins worth $ 26 million

نهنگ دوران ساتوشی بعد از ۹ سال بیدار شد؛ انتقال ۷۹۱ بیت کوین به ارزش ۲۶ میلیون دلار

According to the “Whale Alert”, the cryptocurrency wallet, which probably belongs to the Satoshi era and has not made any transfers for about 9 years and a month, has transferred 791% bitcoins.

Apparently this digital wallet has not made any transfers in all this time for about ten years and recently again Activated. This digital wallet contains 791 bitcoins ($ 26,250,917) with a bitcoin price of about $ 33,189.

The wallet is said to have been created after the disappearance of Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of Bitcoin, and its last transfer dates back to the time of Satoshi Nakamoto. At that time, the only way to store bitcoin was to extract it, and in that period, the first exchange was Mt. Gox was launched in 2010.

Some Twitter users have shared various tweets about the owner of the digital wallet, who has not been able to recover the wallet password for about 9 years and may have recalled it.

It is said that in the beginning of this year, and in the months of February and March 2016, a large volume of about 5,000 and a little more than 2,000 bitcoins was transferred by the creator of these ciphers. In the past, such transfers usually affected the price of bitcoin in the market and could cause fluctuations. It remains to be seen whether the new news will have the power to create a new wave in the market.

There have been various rumors about Apple’s decision to buy Bitcoin, and it is said that the company intends to buy a figure worth $ 2.5 billion. It remains to be seen whether this news will become a reality. If confirmed, Apple’s acquisition could trigger another fluctuation in the cryptocurrency market.

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