Satra Advertising Director: We entered the field of advertising regulation due to a legal vacuum

ممنوعیت تبلیغات با محتوای تشویق به خروج ارز از کشور

Since the publication of the draft Satra Advertising Regulations, there has been a lot of criticism about it and some major actors in the field of audio and video, such as Aparat, have been sharply critical of this regulation and believe that IRIB (their rival) in the form of Satra Has entered the realm of earning them. Satra, however, says that they entered the field because of the legal vacuum, and that it was the people’s request that this issue be addressed, and that they are not representatives of the Radio and Television.

It has since been said that the strictures in Satra’s regulations are so detailed that there is no such level of oversight in the broadcasting of the national broadcaster itself. Satra also believes that they wrote their own regulations and have nothing to do with the regulations of other institutions and wrote new regulations based on the current method of the world and in consultation with experts.

The current regulations are currently being published as a draft, and Satra emphasizes that in writing it, it has spoken to various actors in the field of audio and video, and continues to welcome the views of these actors and other experts in the field.

In an interview with Digito, Amir Hatami, Satra’s director of advertising regulation, further explored this issue and why Satra entered the field. The full text of the conversation is as follows:

Arash Parsapur, Digiato: Why Satra to the سراغ Editing religion Letter Advertising the door Mediaهای the face And Image Inclusive Gone Is?

Amir Hatami, Director of Satra Advertising Satra, considering the challenges in the field of advertising and the legal vacuum that existed in the field of audio and video media advertising in general in the field of digital advertising, decided to enter this field by formulating instructions and systematizing the processes in this field. From the beginning, we studied international documents, consulted with industry experts, and studied domestic documents. We also consulted with the local media and came up with a draft, and finally we wanted this draft to be discussed and to get help from the advisory point of view of others. Therefore, we published all the clauses of this instruction in the form of a poll, and before announcing the public call, we officially sent it to all audio and video media and asked them for their opinions about the regulations. The poll link for the media is still open and pre-published We also did the writing to seek the opinion of experts.

It is very clear and simple that the existing advertising guidelines are very old and do not correspond in any way to the reality and requirements in the media space. Issues such as user rights and data collection are not mentioned. Therefore, considering the numerous complaints of users and public opinion, Satra decided to take at least one action in its area of ​​responsibility.

Problem What is That With Existence Poll And Consult Catch, some Cast Main This religion Letter Problems have?

We went through the process. Media owners are in charge of this field and their opinions are valuable to us, so we spoke directly with some media outlets. Eventually, in the form of a media poll, this poll proceeded in a paragraph-by-paragraph manner, and we gave the media the right to have their say on the scope of this regulation. This instruction is in the draft stage and may change with the opinions of experts in some of its sections. According to our poll, the tendency of most media towards the draft is currently mostly positive, and the negative view is not that it does not exist, but it is more or less formal. We also clarified a number of issues that were incomprehensible to some collections.

A number From Clauses This religion Letter Cause میBe That Advertising to the Side Networkهای social Go And Advertising A lot Other the door Platformهای Internal Can not to the the show the door Come. This Issue Possible is not بیJustice to the Existence bring?

This is not true at all. Informal advertising or goods that do not have the legal possibility of official advertising have always been and will always be. They have a small share of the advertising industry. They can not be removed. Advertising in formal and legal channels also has its share, which is designed for both of them in this draft. On the other hand, we can not ignore the basic rights of the user for fear of brands migrating to informal channels.

We believe that this document can strengthen advertising on these platforms because we considered both users and the platform and worked to create a balance between the two. For example, there were complaints from users as to why VODs advertise despite having the right to subscribe, and we did not deny this altogether in the commercial advertising guidelines and turned to an adjustment policy and announced that two ads could be broadcast at the beginning or end of VOD content. And should be able to “reject” this ad after five seconds. We believe that if this framework is followed, the effectiveness of advertising will increase.

Satra Advertising Director We entered the field of advertising regulation Satra Advertising Director: We entered the field of advertising regulation due to a legal vacuum 2

the door Any Now Some Advertising Like Advertising Residence the door countries Foreign And luxury Andرا This Platformها From Hand میGive.

You see, if it is a legal issue and it strengthens our society, there is no prohibition on it. If it is not legal, such as gambling or selling weapons, its promotion is prohibited. Any product or service that has technical standards, quality and has official licenses has no barriers to advertising. The principle is the legality of the act. If it is illegal, the platforms should not operate illegally.

But some things are not in the best interest of the country anyway, and Satra acts only in accordance with the general laws and policies in the country. The prohibitions in the document are not to the detriment of businesses and do not cause a business to be limited or small, and we considered the interests of society.

Is This Volume From Monitoringها the door Advertising Voice And TV the face میTo take Or No?

Satra is an all-inclusive audio and video watchdog, and in this guide we will talk about advertising on all-inclusive audio and video platforms. The method of advertising is different in each context. Whether or not these principles are observed in an organization or institution has other custodians and has nothing to do with the current issue, and we should not say that if these issues do not exist in some institution, then we should not comply. We are not the regulator of advertisements in radio and television.

the door Item Insert Phrase «Advertise» the door Advertisingهای Business Influencers Explanation میGive. Necessity It What Was And How? Monitoring میTo be?

This is a global standard. When an influencer advertises a brand, it must be made clear to the user whether these professions are advertising or not. In Europe and some countries and even businesses are very sensitive and strict on this issue and for a user who may have less media literacy, this issue should be marked with a symbol or German. This is an obvious right of the user and should be part of the rules and ethics of the platforms. The user should know that the product or brand is introduced and recommended in a scenario designed by the influencer. Otherwise, according to the previous laws of the country, it can be a case of deception and seduction of the user. I suggest you read the rules of advertising and even the instructions in this area to understand the standards, sensitivities and consequences of this issue.

Some Mediaهای صوت And Image Inclusive Believes are That Satra to the Title Competitor This Platformها Ward Action شده And Income They را میWill خدشه دار Slowly Why That Believes are Satra the door Indeed The same Voice And TV Is That Competitor Main This Companyها Account میBe. This Criticism را Accept you have?

Certainly not. I suggest that experts examine the nature of the clauses of the recipe. I can say with confidence that the document is designed with a good standard.

This is to improve the country’s propaganda atmosphere and should not be labeled political at all. We believe that this process is completely scientific and has no effect other than improving and strengthening the advertising space.

the door This Background that’s mean Issue Advertising, Ministry guidance Existence has it That Must This the rules را Editing Slowly And Now That Satra Ward Work شده to the Opinion میCome on One Parallel Work the face Taken Is.

According to several laws in recent years, the last resolution of which was approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly in March 2017, regulating the audio and video industry is in the field of satire, naturally regulating advertising in audio and video, which is an integral part of Is also the responsibility of Satra.

Issue Total Bring کردن Information From سوي users To Advertising the door religion Letter They What Place has it?

We divide this issue into two areas, one is the child area and one is the general area. We banned the use of children’s data for advertising and stressed that children’s information should not be collected unless parents allow it. I must say that there are many strict rules in the world about this because children are not “customers” at all.

Another area is the public domain, and users should be allowed to collect their information only as necessary and analyze their behavior after anonymity. Users should be aware that this data is used to analyze their behavior to see targeted advertising, and this is an ethical matter, and the user welcomes this to see the content they are interested in. This law does not impose any restrictions and systematizes data mining.

Death of DVD in Iran

This prescription Current One prescription Up front Writer Is. yet still How many Possible Edit It Existence has it?

The advertising guideline is currently a draft and there is still a way to expand and develop it, and it can be presented as a final document by examining the opinions of relevant stakeholders.

What When To Ultimate Become It to announce شده Is?

The rules are to be reviewed by the regulatory commission, and a decision will be made as to which document will be on the agenda and with which implementation. He emphasizes that there is still no specific time to review this instruction in the Regulatory Commission and there is still time to record the opinions of experts and experts.

Finally, I invite all advertising industry activists, media, researchers and business owners to comment and help complete this document on the Satra site. There is a maximum of one week to receive comments, after which the review and approval process will begin.

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