Saudi Arabia will reduce its carbon emissions to zero by 2060

عربستان سعودی تا سال ۲۰۶۰ سطح انتشار کربن خود را به صفر می‌رساند

Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s largest oil producers, has said it wants to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2060. Saudi Arabia will join more than 100 countries on this path, which are supposed to control climate change.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced the news at the beginning of the first “Saudi Green Program Forum” Announced. He promised to plant 450 million trees by 2030 and rehabilitate large areas of barren and barren land. Saudi Arabia is reducing its carbon footprint by 200 million and trying to stabilize the city of Riyadh.

Although Saudi Arabia wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on its soil, there is currently no sign of declining investment in oil and gas. Despite efforts to expand Saudi Arabia’s diversified revenues, energy exports continue to form the mainstay of the country’s economy.

Saudi Arabia will join Russia and China in this process, which is set to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2060. Of course, the United States and the European Union are pursuing the same goal, but their timeline is set for 2050.

Analysts say Saudi Arabia’s plan is to retain its seat in the climate change talks. It has always opposed experts calling for an immediate end to the use of fossil fuels. Saudi Arabia says abandoning fossil fuels when we are not ready to do so could lead to fuel shortages and price fluctuations.

Saudi Arabia wants to reduce its carbon emissions to zero through an approach called the “circular carbon economy.” The focus of this approach is on reducing, reusing, recycling and removing carbon. But environmentalists do not approve of this approach, saying that instead of eliminating fossil fuels, countries are looking to use unreliable carbon storage technologies.

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