Scientists converted sewage gas to hydrogen through a chemical process

دانشمندان با یک فرآیند شیمیایی گاز فاضلاب را به هیدروژن تبدیل کردند

Researchers have developed a new chemical process that can convert gas in a sewage system into hydrogen and use it as fuel.

researchers University of Ohio In a special process, hydrogen sulfide, known as sewage gas, is separated from waste in sewers and pipes. Hydrogen sulfide itself is produced as a by-product of some industrial processes, including oil refining and extraction.

An important aspect of the process developed by researchers at Ohio State University is that their method requires little energy and the materials required for this reaction are relatively inexpensive. Key ingredients in this process include iron sulfide and small amounts of molybdenum. Hydrogen sulfide is one of the most dangerous gases produced by industrial processes. This substance harms the environment and endangers human health.

Therefore, researchers have been looking for a way to use this gas effectively. They eventually used a process called a chemical ring or cycle to add metal oxide particles to a high-pressure reactor and burn fuel without contact with air.

This process, when used on hydrogen sulfide, becomes a process called SULGEN. But the researchers found that pure iron sulfide was not efficient enough for industrial processes. So they switched to other chemicals to speed up the reaction. Finally, it was found that molybdenum and iron sulfide are suitable for achieving the desired result. In addition, both materials are relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain.

Once hydrogen sulfide is converted to hydrogen fuel, it can be used instead of oil and gas to reduce environmental impact. However, the project’s researchers note that it is not yet possible to say whether this fuel can be replaced with existing fuels on the market.

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