Scientists have discovered for the first time a large volume of water under Antarctic ice

دانشمندان برای اولین بار حجم بالایی آب زیر یخ جنوبگان کشف کردند

Have you ever seen pictures after South Pole Think what is under all that snow and ice? Apparently researchers Columbia University During his research with the discovery Blue tablecloths Massive, for the first time they have found the answer to this question.

Referring to Official statement The university has discovered for the first time this group of scientists who have a huge and active network of underground aquifers deep in the western region. Southern Continent Is in progress.

According to “Keloi GustafsanOne of the researchers in the project from Lament Dahrati Observatory Columbia University speculated about the possibility of groundwater in Antarctica, but so far there has been no detailed imaging to substantiate this claim.

“The volume of aquifers found is so large that it could possibly affect the process,” he said.Psych ice” influence. This can be a worrying discovery in terms of global warming and climate change.

Why the discovery of aquifers in the Antarctic can be alarming?

While the discovery of these aquifers is exciting in itself, it can also pose a risk to humans in connection with the climate crisis. Scientists have warned that most of these sedimentary catchments are currently below current sea level.

This means that if the polar ice caps are pushed back due to heating, ocean water will invade these aquifers and move glaciers behind them, raising sea levels all over the world.

Gustafosan says that the Antarctic continent has the potential to raise sea level by 57 meters So the current goal is to find the missing piece of the iceberg puzzle and understand how the ice travels back and forth to the ocean.

In the end, Gustafosan and his team recorded and photographed these aquifers over a period of six weeks a year. 2018 Of technique magnetotelluric Used and a wide area 96 km Covered.

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