Scientists have for the first time successfully sequenced the genome of a Pompeii victim

دانشمندان برای اولین بار ژنوم یک قربانی پمپئی را با موفقیت توالی‌یابی کردند

City “پمپئی»Italy approx 2000 It was destroyed by a volcanic eruption last year. Scientists have now succeeded in finding the first human genome in this catastrophe, which belongs to a middle-aged man of some height. 164 cm To sequence. He fell ill during his lifetime tuberculosis Has been infected.

Mountain eruption «وزوویوسIt is one of the most devastating volcanic catastrophes in human history. In the year 70 AD The eruption of this volcanic mountain caused the death of thousands of residents of the neighboring cities of this mountain, ie “HerculaneumAnd became Pompeii.

The cause of death of these victims, Extreme heat A wave of shock created around the volcano or suffocation Dispersion of toxic gases And Ash It was in the sky.

«Gabriel ScuranoArchaeologist from the University RAM In Italy, his colleagues in a new study tried to apply this technique to the remains of two human victims of the disaster.

The couple in one of the rooms of the building now called «Casa del Fabro” Or “Artisans HouseIt is known, they were found. The first man was a man at the time of his death 30 until the 40 Years of age and 164.3 He was centimeter tall.

The second person was a woman who died at the time of approx 50 Years of age and 153.1 He was centimeter tall.

Researchers extract DNA from bone Skull – One of the densest bones in the body – extracted. Although the same methods were used to collect the sample, only DNA could be analyzed.

Compare this man’s DNA with 1030 An example of ancient man, 471 Person in «Western EurasiaAnd people living in central Italy showed that this man was Italian. However, there were genes not found in people from mainland Italy, but on the island.Sardinia” found. This indicates that there was a great deal of genetic diversity throughout the Italian peninsula during the man’s lifetime.

Another important point is the existence of evidence of “Mycobacterium tuberculosisBacteria were the cause of tuberculosis. Closer examination of his vertebrae showed that he had spinal tuberculosis.

Previously, this method of death was thought to destroy the victims’ DNA and make it impossible to analyze them. On the other hand, there was a possibility that the ashes that covered the bodies of the victims and their bodies for close to Two thousand years Keeped free from spoilage and decomposition, it acts as a shield against environmental decomposers such as Oxygen Have played all this time.

“Although our study was limited to one person, it shows the possibility of using paleontological methods to study human remains and sequencing the first human genome in ancient environments,” the researchers write in their paper. “None of these results are necessarily surprising and unique, but they open a new window for us to discover the life of the Pompeians.”

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